Xenical – Swiss medication which stimulates fat absorption

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Xenical – is a Swiss weight-loss medicine, which successfully blockes fat absorption in humans. Lipase perform essential roles in the digestion, transport and processing of dietary lipids. Xenical blockes fat splitting and absorption.

This simple principle of influencing fat digestion and processing makes Xenical one of the most effective and safe weight-loss medicine. Fats from the human diet are not splitted into absorbable acids and are excreted undigested therefore resulting in a significant decrease of body mass. As a result intake of fats is reduced and human organism begins to consume its fat reserves, gradually cutting down weight.

Xenical is not being absorbed into blood, doesn’t accumulate in the human body, has no side effects on brain, heart and other internal organs. Xenical doesn’t interact with other drugs and can be taken during a long period of time as it doesn’t cause addiction. Side effects of this medicine are minimal. As during taking Xenical not splitted fats are excreted, main side effects are loose stools and frequent/urgent bowel movements.

Xenical is to be taken with meals or not later than one hour after meal, one capsule per meal. If food is low fat, taking of Xenical can be missed. It is not recommend to take more than 3 capsules a day or more than 1 per meal as this can cause unreasonable enhancement of its effects.

Xenical is produced by F.Hoffmann-LaRoche Ltd. – a Swiss health-care company which exists more than 100 year by now and is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies operating worldwide.

Usage of weight-loss medicine Xenical leads to weight stabilization. Once lost during treatment with Xenical excess weight is never taken on again. People who take Xenical properly reduces their body mass for 20 % and more.

Facts about Xenical:
More than 30 000 – unprecedented number – of people took part in the clinical trials of Xenical.

From the very moment of its appearance on the market in 1998 more than 13,5 millions of people with obesity were taken Xenical and successfully lost weight.

Xenical is registered as a weight-loss medicine in 149 countries all over the globe.

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