Xenical Diet Pills

What is Xenical?

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Xenical is a weight-control medication. It works by blocking the absorption of about 30 per cent of the fat you eat. This fat passes through the gut undigested, and is unable to be stored as body fat.

What criteria does the doctor use to prescribe Xenical?

Xenical is a prescription medicine indicated for long-term treatment of significantly obese patients, including patients with risk factors associated with obesity. Your doctor may perform some measurements to assess your need for Xenical. These may include Body Mass Index (BMI test), which is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in metres squared. A healthy body weight range is a BMI of 18.5-24.9 Overweight is BMI of 25-29.9, and obese is a BMI of 30 or above. Another measurement is waist circumference. Xenical may be appropriate for males with a waist circumference greater than 100cm and females greater than 85cm. Your doctor may also want to check your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugars, which can also be associated with obesity.

Can I mix Xenical with other medications?

Before starting treatment with Xenical, make sure your doctor knows if you are taking any other medications. Xenical does not affect most commonly prescribed medicines. However, it increases the effect of some lipid-lowering medicines and therefore your doctor may change your dose of this medicine. Please consult your doctor.

Can I eat what I want?

Because of Xenical’s mode of action, to prevent unwanted side-effects, it is important to limit your intake of high-fat foods. The Xenical Comprehensive Weight Management Programme will assist you in choosing suitable low-fat foods.

If I have started losing weight, do I still need to take three capsules per day?

Clinical trials have shown thats the most effective dose of Xenical is three 120mg capsules per day, one with each meal.

When is the best time to take my Xenical capsule?

The best time to take Xenical is during your meal. However, the capsule can be taken ut to one hour after a meal.

If I eat a fatty meal, can I take three capsules instead of one?

Clinical trials, show that taking more than the recommended dose of Xenical (1 capsule with each meal, 3 x per day) is not so advantageous for weight loss.

I’m not experiencing any side-effects. Are my Xenical capsules working?

Due to Xenical’s mode of action, we know that the majority of side-effects occur after eating a meal high in fat. Once you learn to identify foods high in fat, you should be able to avoid these side-effects from occuring. Xenical will still be preventing about 30 percent of the fat you eat from being absorbed. Normally these symptoms will disappear if you continue treatment and keep to the recommended low-fat diet of less than 40-50gms per day.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Patients treated with Xenical in clinical trials lost on average 10 per cent (or approx. 10 kgs) of their initial body weight in one year. However, twice as many patients receiving Xenical lost more than 10 percent of their body weight, compared with those given placebo capsules.

If I am eating a low-fat diet, will I still benefit from taking Xenical?

In the clinical trials, patients were asked to follow a low-fat diet (limiting their fat intake to 30 percent of total calories each day). Even on a low-fat diet, those patients taking Xenical still lost more weight than patients taking the placebo capsules who were also following a low-fat diet. The Xenical group also had additional benefits of lower cholesterol levels and improved diabetic control.

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